Question: Older blog posts, Re-use?

I was wondering what the general consensus is on old blog posts. Do you ever recycle an old interesting post? I know I have read where it is proper blogging etiquette, to ‘link’ to an older post is it helps support/explain the current post.

As many of you know, I am looking to learn more about blogging. I may have been here for a while, but I really had no help or tutoring until I met the wonderful WordPress community recently.  Any input you have regarding how you handle older posts is appreciated.

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A walk down memory lane regarding Windows.

I was given an old computer last night. It seems someone had wanted it worked on, and then decided they would rather get a new one than pay to repair it. So the person that was going to work on it, needed it gone now. It has been sitting in the storage area for a long time apparently. There was a mailing label affixed to the top proclaiming, Windows 98 Works Great! Just the box and nothing else. I figured at the least It would be a challenge to get it going if it had a problem, and at the most I might use it for Linux.

I dredged up an old keyboard and mouse. Turns out the mouse port was dead so I worked with it some and managed to get a usb mouse to work. I was actually surprised when it booted right up with Windows 98. There were a ton of memories going through my mind looking at that old splash screen. How far we’ve come, and yet in some ways how far we have fallen. This simple computer was only 450mhz, with a tiny 75mb or Ram. A small hard drive of 13GB. It was more responsive booting up, shutting down, and loading programs than my high-end computer. We have fallen in love with all the eye candy now, and it takes tons of horsepower to make all of it work.

Actual Picture by me.









The little computer only had 3.5GB used on the drive and that was with a large number of programs installed, including Office and Windows 98. I think a clean install of Windows 10 is around 11GB.

Sadly there is not much I can do with it as even Linux has grown to need more horses than this little box can put out. It was fun though to see a computer actually booting Windows 98. Nostalgia has its moments. When was the last time you used Windows 98.

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What a great Sunday.

Great weather, a fantastic day spent with my wife walking and talking in the park. I washed the car this morning. That would ordinarily not be a momentous occasion, except that the last time I was washing it, I had a massive heart attack. So it was great to be able to say I did it this time without causing a big commotion.

It was last August when that event occurred as related in “Back in the Saddle Again”.  I guess there was just something about having some trepidation of attempting that same activity that led to the event.

Actually I blamed the heart attack on the mother-in-law. She drives me nuts sometimes. We take care of her since her husband passed away. Michelle told me that when they were accessing me in the hospital right after arriving, the doctor asked if I was under extra stress. Michelle says that even medicated I didn’t miss a beat and replied to him that “Yes, and she is on the floor above me now.” He looked at me as if the medication was working ‘too well’.

Michelle had to explain to him, that the mother-in-law had been admitted to the hospital 3 days before, and was in a room on the floor above.

Anyhow, this day was a great one. If tomorrow is even close to this, it will be heaven on earth.

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Apparently, Budget cuts are really tough!

I was going through some pictures tonight, and came across this one. I thought it might bring a smile to anyone that had a rough Friday. Of course nothing compares to having actually been there in person to see it.

Michelle and I had traveled to north Alabama to visit a friend of her’s. As we got closer to the lady’s home, we saw this on the side of a main two lane country road. It was near a small town of Townley that we had not yet entered.

It’s very apparent that someone in that area, has a huge sense of humor. The items are actually sitting on wooden pallets, as if it was a floor area. I didn’t partake of the facilities, mainly because they had no snack machines. 🙂

Photo taken by me


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Would someone please make up your mind?

I marvel at the way our state government works. Many years ago, we passed a state law that says you must have vehicle insurance to purchase your vehicle tag.Last year, as in other years, I visited the probate office to obtain my new vehicle tag. I left the insurance card in the glove compartment by accident. The clerk informed me I needed it, so naturally I went out to get it.

This year I made sure I had my card in hand, so as not to embarrass myself. I dutifully present my paperwork and my insurance card. I was then informed by the clerk, that they no longer have to see the card, they are just required to ask if you have insurance. What kind of craziness is that. My only rational guess, was ‘the law’ was taking a sizable chunk out of their revenue. To combat that problem, they just ‘ask’ if you have insurance, so they can sell the tag to you whether you have insurance or not.

It should come as no surprise. After all, this is the same state that passed a law impounding your vehicle after your 3rd DUI, and then stopped enforcing it, because it placed an undue burden on families when the bread winner could no longer get to work.

I just grin and bear it. I stick to my saying, “Alabama, the best Politicians Money can buy.”

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