The Chill (Poem: Ron Walker)

The Chill…

There are things I need to say, before my heart explodes…
And there are things, I wish I’d hear, before you turn to go.

I know the wind is cold tonight, but it’s a different chill I feel…
And words we two exchange tonight, will say just how we feel.

I thought that things were different now, you said you really cared…
We talked and laughed, and reminisced, of times that we had shared.

I know the wind is cold tonight, and you must hurry on…
But I can hear your radio, the playing of our song.

If I could change the course of time, we would not be here tonight…
Looking in each other’s eyes, and trying not to cry.

I know this wind is cold tonight, but my heart still holds a flame…
And if you change your mind someday, I hope you call my name.

So spread your wings, and do some things, just know I love you still…
And I’ll come here, from time to time, and face into the chill.

I know the wind is cold tonight, but please don’t hurry so…
I’ll say my piece, and touch your cheek, and I’ll be the last to go.

Standing as we are tonight, we seem so far apart…
The wind blows cold around us both, but it can never chill my heart.

I know the wind is cold to night, but it’s a different chill I feel…
And with this kiss, upon our lips, our parting we shall seal.

Ron Walker November 1998 books

Our Monument… (Poems by Ron)

Our Monument…

How could I ever repay you, for the kindness that you’ve shown?
I could build for you a monument, of beautiful wood and stone.

But it could never show the world, the softness that you share.
The things you’ve given of yourself, the way you truly care.

I could never build it high enough, to touch the evening sky
The way you’ve touched my heart within, but I would love to try.

It would never match the way you walk, though it’s curves would show the grace.
Although a thing of beauty, it would remain in just one place.

Upon it I could place wind chimes, to catch the evening breeze.
But they could never sound as soft, as your voice, as you call to me.

With precious stones, I could cover it, for all the world to see…
But they would dim in comparison, to your eyes so beautiful green.

So I will build a smaller one, so all the world can see…
A simple statue of a heart, with a picture of you and me.

I’ll leave the stones and statues, for people that have passed.
Our love will be our monument, and forever it shall last.

Ron Walker July 1999

Sharing walks along country roads. “Poems by Ron”

After reading several blogs about taking walks together, I was reminded of this poem that I penned years ago. This was inspired, by the walks Michelle and I would take along a dirt road in the country.

Our actual road we walked.

The Walk

May I walk with you tonight my love, along this road of life.”

Yes”, he said. And held her close, and felt her heart that night.

May I hold onto your hand my love, as we walk this road tonight?”

Yes”, you may, Is what he’d say, and squeeze her hand just right.

The moonlight fell to earth so soft, and onward they would walk.

She’d speak of things that she had done, and he’d listen to her talk.

On and on, side by side, they’d walk for hours on end.

And then he’d stop, look in her eyes, and listen to the wind…

And say

May I walk with you tonight my love, along this road of life?” 

May I tell you of the things I feel, while I hold you here tonight.”

Yes, you may”, is what she’d say. Then she’d kiss him on the cheek.

Then they’d turn and start to walk, she’d listen to him speak.

Things of heart, and things of life, they shared along that road.

And in their hearts there always beat, a love as pure as gold.

While walking along the road one night, she stopped and turned to him…

And looked into his loving eyes, then tightly clung to him.

She whispered,

Will you think of me, when I’m not near, will you miss me when I’m gone…

Will you remember us, and think of love, when you walk this road alone”.

For moments, he was silent, she wished that he would speak.

 Then he held her closer still, and kissed her on the cheek.

He said,

How can I step, how can I breathe, without a thought of you,

for every step along this road, I’ve made because of you”.

If I should pass on from this Earth, I want for you to know.

As long as you remember us, you’ll never walk alone”.

R Walker August 1997

Christmas Bow. A simple Christmas Poem.

Christmas Bow…

Christmas time was coming, and what had I to give?…
A heart that beats, just for you, as long as I shall live.
I tied a bow upon my head, and watched you laugh with glee…
And then we cuddled on the couch, and this you said to me.

Oh you’re such a silly man, but touch my heart so deep…
I had a dream, you were Santa Clause, and you were just too sweet.
You kissed me while I pretended sleep, and softly crept away…
And I knew that when the morning came, somehow you’d look this way.

A love like yours I once wished for, one Christmas long ago…
Someone to keep me warm at night, when skies begin to snow.
Here you are, and you’re a sight!, you make me feel so good…
I love you now, and forever more, and longer if I could.

So save the bow, and I will know, when I look at it each year…
That this is what I wished for once, and now you’re really here.
We’ll put it on the mantel piece, so all who come can see…
That this was simply the sweetest gift, you ever gave to me.

Ron Walker November 1998

Written for Michelle, Christmas 1998. We had nothing that year, after losing everything we had, due to a work place injury. A coffee can, with a branch from a pine tree in some dirt, with little ornaments, was our tree that year. At least we had a roof, warmth, and love.