Christmas Tree

In 1998 Michelle and I had lost everything we owned and were living in a small borrowed 18 foot AirStream trailer. It was complete with scorpions that would hunt for warmth in our bed, as the little trailer had more holes in and around it than Swiss Cheese. Michelle was a real bright spot for the kids and I, so I wrote this for us… It comes from my Collection of Poems

Christmas Tree

There will be no Christmas Tree this year, She says she understands…
Things have happened to us both, that were just out of our hands.
And like the baby Jesus, that had hay for a bed that night…
At least we have a roof and warmth, and can hold each other tight. 

There will be no pretty blinking lights, to brighten up the night…
But the stars are free, and we can see, as we hold each other tight.
And like the baby Jesus, who had his own star on that night…
We will pick our very own, to remind us of this night. 
There will be no Christmas Tree this year, she says she understands…
For some are not as fortunate, as to hold their true love’s hand.
And some will sleep upon the ground, and feel the chill too deep…
Some will drift off quietly, and never wake from sleep. 
There will be no Christmas Tree this year, but I’m glad I have her here…
And we will dream of better times, and dry each other’s tears.
So before you fuss about the gifts, that are not right there to see…
Think about the two of us, We’d settle for your tree.

© Ron Walker, December 1998

Merry Christmas to everyone, from Ron and Michelle.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. Hi Ron, I was surprised to see this pop up in my email. Very nice poem. Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Sandy E

  2. Love this poem, Ron, so heartfelt and meaningful. I would like to reblog it on my own blog. Do I have your permission? Whatever you say.

      1. Ron, it seems that there is no ‘Reblog’ button on this page. (On my page, it’s just to the left of the ‘Like’ button.) So instead, I’ll simply copy and paste your post, with an intro by me of course, explaining what’s what. ?)

        1. Yes, I forgot about that. They don’t provide a re-blog button for self-hosted sites. That is a feature of WordPress hosted sites. Your idea, sounds like a good way to re-blog it. Thanks.

  3. Good to see you back on the blog, Ron. The poem is meaningful, and I am so glad that life improved for you both in later years.
    Best wishes of the season, Pete.

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