“Reboot”, The Country Musings Mascot, and Office Cat, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest well, my sweet Halloween Kitty.

Reboot, my constant companion for these 18 years, is gone. We assisted her on her journey over the Rainbow Bridge. She was always here in the office with me, or watching TV with me. To say I will miss her, is a true understatement. I have no words to convey the loss I feel.

She came to us on Halloween 18 years ago. Michelle got a call from our Vet, and he told her that someone had dropped off a plastic cooler at the door before they opened. Apparently the lid had been propped open with a stick, but the wind must have caused it to slam shut with a Female cat inside the cooler. She was pregnant, they did emergency surgery on her. The mother and all but one kitten didn’t live. Michelle brought her home for me. Michelle bottle-fed her till she was strong enough. She was always very small and sickly growing up, but was a joy to have around. She had a “drinking problem”. Every time I left the office, I would return to catch her drinking my coffee or sweet tea.

The vet checked her this morning. She hadn’t eaten anything in four days. She just laid around with me, and would drink water sometimes. Getting weaker, and having trouble breathing. She had an inoperable tumor, that we knew would one day probably be the end. The Vet said her organs were shutting down, and her lungs were having difficulties. So we made the decision to let her cross over. She had a long loving life, and gave as much love, as she got and then some. Christmas will be less bright, this year. But, we have wonderful memories of the life we spent together.

May she romp with the others across that bridge, and continue to be a wonderful companion, in another life.

Drinking problems at a young age.

I don’t know how many drinks I had to replace.

Always coming to me at the computer.

Wherever there was an article of my clothing, you would find her there.

She loved everything, especially Max. She let our critters climb on her. Squirrels, My Rat, she didn’t care much for the Bearded Dragon, but tolerated him on the desk at times.

Our last night together, December 19, 2021. Resting with me, while I watch TV.
She left us on December 20, 2021 9:30 am.

Rest well, Reboot. We will always love you.

Livestreaming for fun.

I have always wanted to set up a camera, just to watch different birds up close. Now, I can share the birds with those that enjoy just watching them. Of course, a recording of the live stream will be on YouTube as well, for those that enjoy watching small birds work on their nest. I set the camera up this morning, Starting when she left the nest, it took about 15 minutes to install the webcam. As soon as I was through and back in the office, she reappeared working steadily.

This little bird (I think a sparrow?) has been working all morning. The previous owners said they removed the nest several times during the year, but they keep rebuilding it each time. There is another nest built in the opposite corner of the porch roof about 8 feet away. It is about three inches taller. When we moved here it had five eggs in it. Apparently unfertilized and left by the previous occupant that season.

It’s a Monday morning, sunny and a pleasant 57F. I think I am going to enjoy watching this little family grow. As I said, bird identifications is not my forte, so if anyone knows what type this is, please let me know. I’m guessing a sparrow. I may add a small paper or plastic ruler to the wall above the nest to give some sense of size.

The view will cycle from time to time, but always have a small view of the birds, until something interesting occurs. Most of the time, it will be the little bird.

For fun, suggest a name for the nest, and bird if you’d like. Subscribe, if you’d like to know when the feed goes live each time.

Comments, always welcomed.

Chris’ Famous Hot Dogs.

Michelle and I, finally ventured forth into the world last Friday. It has been months since we visited Chris’ Hot Dogs. It was still as great as it has ever been. I ate too much naturally. 4 hot dogs all-the-way (mustard, sour kraut and special sauce) and an order of fries that are to die for, along with an ice-cold bottled Coca-Cola. The special sauce is a family secret known by only 3 people.

Chris’ was founded on May 1st, 1917 by a Greek immigrant “Christopher Anastasios Katchis”. It was said he learned English by reading the newspaper with help from friends. Located on Dexter Ave. halfway between the Court Square Fountain (center of town) and the state capitol.

  • Dexter Ave would see the first electric streetcar in America, “The lightning route”.
  • It would witness the calling of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr to the ministry.
  • The order to start the American Civil War was sent by telegram, from Dexter Ave.
  • Rosa Parks, would refuse to give up her bus seat there. Sparking the Civil Rights Era
  • The march from Selma to Montgomery by Rev Martin Luther King Jr., passed up Dexter in front of Chris’

Many notable and famous people have frequented Chris’ over the years.
Franklin D. Roosevelt (who would frequently ask for a box of the world-famous hot dogs as his train stopped in Montgomery’s Union Station), Harry Truman, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Presidents Bush 41 & 43, Jimmy Stewart, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Clark Gable, Tallulah Bankhead, countless sports stars and every Alabama Governor since 1917.

May 1st marked the 103 year anniversary of Chris Hot dogs. If you grew up in Montgomery, Alabama you knew of Chris’, and would return there for a hot dog or burger on your return visits.

When I was a child of about 10, my mother, father, and little brother would walk 9 blocks downtown to enjoy a hot dog or burger. It was an infrequent trip, as we had no vehicle and were pretty poor. We would sit in the booths and flip the pages on the little machines that each booth had to play the Jukebox. Dad would always give each of us a coin for the box, and we would pick out a couple of songs. I have been going there from time to time, for the last 58 years.

It was great seeing “E” again, that is what we know her as. Possibly the sweetest person you will ever meet that serves customers of Chris’. Every time she greets you, she has this big sweet welcoming smile and that southern” Hello darling, usual?” She remembers what you had the last time you were there. Even if it’s been months. Great spirit each time you see her. She has been working there, 42 years. Our favorite Chris’ person.
Images, are clickable.

This is how it looked when Michelle and I went.

It was very hot. AC was on the blink.
Only every other booth open.

So that is our favorite place to go eat hot dogs at. Michelle said she came there when she was 12 with her parents.
Comments always welcome.

Whiskey Girl (Pet Rat), has passed.

Whiskey, my beloved little Rat buddy, has passed on. She died last evening, here in the office. She was looking poorly when I got her out to bring her in here, having breathing problems. She was very old for a Rat. They usually live about 2 years max. She was over 4 years old. She will be greatly missed. 

Her last pictures yesterday with me in the office. You can tell from her eyes, that she is not feeling well. 

She was laid to rest out back, in her house.


This, is how I will forever remember her. Full of life, and teasing her buddy Reboot. Watching me, as I play on the computer. :emo-Heart:

I will surely miss her.