Whiskey Girl (Pet Rat), has passed.

Whiskey, my beloved little Rat buddy, has passed on. She died last evening, here in the office. She was looking poorly when I got her out to bring her in here, having breathing problems. She was very old for a Rat. They usually live about 2 years max. She was over 4 years old. She will be greatly missed. 

Her last pictures yesterday with me in the office. You can tell from her eyes, that she is not feeling well. 

She was laid to rest out back, in her house.


This, is how I will forever remember her. Full of life, and teasing her buddy Reboot. Watching me, as I play on the computer. :emo-Heart:

I will surely miss her.

24 thoughts on “Whiskey Girl (Pet Rat), has passed.

  1. Based on her age, you must have given her a good life, and for that you should be very happy. Imagine the life that some her buddies would have had, scavenging for food, perhaps digesting poison etc. etc. Be happy that she moved on to the next great adventure without too much trouble. 🙂

  2. Aw, my condolences, Ron! Our pets are like family, and it’s soooo tough to lose them!
    I can’t get over how laid-back both rat and cat are with each other, in that video! So sweet!
    Take care…

  3. So sad to lose any pet, and the video shows she had a happy life, even with a cat in the house.
    Four years is a long time in rat years, and a testament to your good care of her.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. She had a good life, and care. When it was her time, it occurred within six or so hours. Thanks for the comment. I am working on this blog. Hoping to get the bugs out of it.

  4. Thank you all, she was really something. For some reason, my blog has lost it’s mind. I can’t comment to the individual posts at the moment. So I am trying this comment method.

  5. Sorry to hear this Ron. I’ve not been around for any Whiskey blog posts as I’m a recent follower, but I have lost beloved pets, so I know that gut punch you get. No more pets for me as it’s too difficult.

  6. I loved the video, especially the way she had a very specific way she wanted the cloth in her house to be placed. I am sorry that you lost her. She gave us some pleasure too!

    1. Yes, I always liked to watch her adjust her cloth the way she wanted it. Sometimes, she would spend a good while adjusting it, laying down to see how it felt, and then try again. Thanks for the comment, Elizabeth.

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