Livestreaming for fun.

I have always wanted to set up a camera, just to watch different birds up close. Now, I can share the birds with those that enjoy just watching them. Of course, a recording of the live stream will be on YouTube as well, for those that enjoy watching small birds work on their nest. I set the camera up this morning, Starting when she left the nest, it took about 15 minutes to install the webcam. As soon as I was through and back in the office, she reappeared working steadily.

This little bird (I think a sparrow?) has been working all morning. The previous owners said they removed the nest several times during the year, but they keep rebuilding it each time. There is another nest built in the opposite corner of the porch roof about 8 feet away. It is about three inches taller. When we moved here it had five eggs in it. Apparently unfertilized and left by the previous occupant that season.

It’s a Monday morning, sunny and a pleasant 57F. I think I am going to enjoy watching this little family grow. As I said, bird identifications is not my forte, so if anyone knows what type this is, please let me know. I’m guessing a sparrow. I may add a small paper or plastic ruler to the wall above the nest to give some sense of size.

The view will cycle from time to time, but always have a small view of the birds, until something interesting occurs. Most of the time, it will be the little bird.

For fun, suggest a name for the nest, and bird if you’d like. Subscribe, if you’d like to know when the feed goes live each time.

Comments, always welcomed.

18 thoughts on “Livestreaming for fun.

  1. At a very quick glance (he/she was in and out in seconds), I am leaning towards a Junco or Chickadee. There is a bird I.d. file you can Google which asks pertinent questions to guide you to the final answer! 🙂

  2. It is hard to tell without knowing the size and color. The wings have the familiar markings of the finch family. It does not look at all like the chickadees that we see here. I rely on an excellent app – Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab. It is free and will teach you a great deal about the birds you see in your area.

    1. Thank you, Maggie. I have installed that app now, and it identifies it as a Chickadee for this area. Ours are rather bland. Not like the perfectly capped ones, or colors in other areas.

  3. I love watching Mama birds feeding their young in the nest. We get Robins at the Park where I walk and the babies never shut their beaks; their eyes are still closed and they wait for Mama to plunk worms or grubs into their mouths. When their eyes are open, they see Mama coming and then open their mouths. So fun to watch. I have called the nests “Home Tweet Home” in the past. I’d call this busy bird “Mama”.

    1. I hope to get the camera positioned so we can see in the nest better. If not, we will at least see those hungry little heads bobbing for treats just above the nest.

      1. I look forward to seeing that … young life in the Spring. It’s a little later for us, maybe late April/early May to see those little heads. The joy for me will also be when the first goslings are spotted toddling after their parents at the Park.

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