“Reboot”, The Country Musings Mascot, and Office Cat, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest well, my sweet Halloween Kitty.

Reboot, my constant companion for these 18 years, is gone. We assisted her on her journey over the Rainbow Bridge. She was always here in the office with me, or watching TV with me. To say I will miss her, is a true understatement. I have no words to convey the loss I feel.

She came to us on Halloween 18 years ago. Michelle got a call from our Vet, and he told her that someone had dropped off a plastic cooler at the door before they opened. Apparently the lid had been propped open with a stick, but the wind must have caused it to slam shut with a Female cat inside the cooler. She was pregnant, they did emergency surgery on her. The mother and all but one kitten didn’t live. Michelle brought her home for me. Michelle bottle-fed her till she was strong enough. She was always very small and sickly growing up, but was a joy to have around. She had a “drinking problem”. Every time I left the office, I would return to catch her drinking my coffee or sweet tea.

The vet checked her this morning. She hadn’t eaten anything in four days. She just laid around with me, and would drink water sometimes. Getting weaker, and having trouble breathing. She had an inoperable tumor, that we knew would one day probably be the end. The Vet said her organs were shutting down, and her lungs were having difficulties. So we made the decision to let her cross over. She had a long loving life, and gave as much love, as she got and then some. Christmas will be less bright, this year. But, we have wonderful memories of the life we spent together.

May she romp with the others across that bridge, and continue to be a wonderful companion, in another life.

Drinking problems at a young age.

I don’t know how many drinks I had to replace.

Always coming to me at the computer.

Wherever there was an article of my clothing, you would find her there.

She loved everything, especially Max. She let our critters climb on her. Squirrels, My Rat, she didn’t care much for the Bearded Dragon, but tolerated him on the desk at times.

Our last night together, December 19, 2021. Resting with me, while I watch TV.
She left us on December 20, 2021 9:30 am.

Rest well, Reboot. We will always love you.

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    1. Thanks, Colin. I’ve been doing good, until the sympathy card came yesterday from the vet. That was a rough few hours. It will get better with time, as you say.

      1. There have been a number of cats in my past, but Skeeta is still firmly implanted in my memory cells. We had to help her “on her way” after only 3 months of living with us (feline leukemia), and that was over 40 years ago now. In fact the memories of her played an integral role in a decision we had to make in Ray’s early weeks with us when he was diagnosed with Stage 2 Heartworm. Skeeta never had a chance, but Ray did if we were 120% behind him. It was a good decision! 🙂

          1. Here you are Ron, a short mental diversion, and my tribute to our beloved Skeeta:

            “Skeeta’s Legacy”

            (Copyright Colin Chappell 2017)

            Skeeta was a Siamese cat,
            Of distinction, so we thought.
            She was rather unlike her breed.
            Friendly… and quite large;
            I had known a few Siamese,
            But… none had traits like these.

            She would travel in our car,
            On top of the front seats,
            And clearly enjoying the ride.
            Swaying forwards and backwards;
            Sideways on the turns;
            We would laugh… often until we cried!

            Then one day, she clearly had changed.
            Her clean toilet habits had gone.
            Something was wrong we were sure.
            She used to be meticulously clean,
            But a test revealed leukemia,
            With no treatment… no cure.

            After living with us
            For only three months,
            Dearest Skeeta was put to sleep.
            But she left her mark,
            Indelibly on my heart.
            Memories that I would keep.

            She went to a better place,
            To join her kind and be without pain,
            Where cats are happy and free.
            To be as I’d want her to be,
            But Skeeta left a legacy behind,
            Unbeknown at the time to me.

            Many years later when Ray moved in,
            He tested positive for heartworm.
            After only three months in our home,
            What were our options? What to do?
            A very serious condition,
            And he could not fight it alone.

            We could return him, or put him to sleep.
            We could do nothing, which would eventually kill him.
            What would make the most sense?
            For such a short and unhappy life,
            An expensive course of treatment,
            But… could we justify the expense?

            The treatment he may not even survive
            But… shouldn’t we at least try?
            For perhaps survive he would.
            Shouldn’t we give him a chance?
            A chance for his life to fulfill?
            To live out his life being loved?

            Euthanizing would give him peace,
            But he was not even three years old,
            And his earlier life seemed hard and alone.
            Surely even a dog has a right
            To fight for his life,
            In a warm, loving and caring home.

            To return him to the shelter
            Raised problems of another sort.
            Who would adopt a very sick Ray?
            Who would want his vet bills?
            Who would open up their home to him?
            Who would invite him to stay?

            During these dilemmas, an inner voice
            Reminded me of Skeeta long ago.
            With no hope of a cure in sight;
            How she was put down;
            Her future sealed by a disease,
            Which cheated her out of her life!

            But this time was different.
            Ray did have a chance
            If treatment was started right away.
            The decision just had to be made
            And then hope for the time,
            When once again… he could play.

            Ray will never know
            What influenced his future,
            Or how it came to be…
            That a cat… of all creatures,
            May have saved his life.
            That was Skeeta’s legacy!

    1. Thanks, Kate. Yes, she was a source of blog material a few times. It was never officially Christmas, until she hacked up the first sparkly hairball, from the tinsel. She was always here in the office, that’s for sure.

    1. Thanks, Janis. I count myself the lucky one, to have had such unconditional love, and loyalty from a cat. They can be picky animals, but she never wavered.
      Thanks, for the comment.

  1. How sad for you both! Reboot looks and sounds like a wonderful companion. I feel your pain, because I still haven’t got over the loss of our beloved cat, two years ago. My sympathies.

  2. Such a sad loss, but what a life you gave Reboot. Bottle-fed from a kitten, and given the run of the house with the other animals. She was much-loved, and you can tell her attachment to you from the photos.
    My condolences at the loss of a dear friend, Ron.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I’m sorry to read this Ron. Even though I’ve not followed your blog that long, I know you are an animal lover, domestic pets or otherwise. You recently lost your pet rat as well. A tough time for you to lose two beloved pets.

  4. Just caught up with this now! I’m so very sorry, Ron! I too know the pain of losing a kitty – one of mine lived ’til 14 and another ’til 18, both of cancer. Glad you could help her leave her misery behind. I LOVE your photos!! She was such a beauty!

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