Mop and Glo. “Seniors slip and slide coating for dummies”

Tired, and longing to enjoy a good cup of coffee after having moped and waxed the floors, with Mop and Glo, which hence forth shall always be referred to by me, as “Seniors slip and slide coating for dummies”. I needed to work on a broken charger wire. Needing better light, so I could see to solder my fingers easier, I Turned on the large overhead light. Instead of coming on nice and bright, it decided to flicker and taunt me with what I needed to see better.

So, instead of sitting down for a delightful session of soldering, which usually involves at least two fingers scorched before completion, the afternoon turned into looking to make sure there were no active shorts in the wiring of the office. Once under the desk, inspecting the myriad of wires, it turned into a three-hour task.

I have found that wires under a dimly lit desk, if left to their own, will crawl, wrap, tangle, and otherwise find interesting ways to become what looks like, a science fiction movie of a mutated spaghetti monster. With four computers, and various other components, the evil wire spirits had plenty of things to do, and they had, apparently, been VERY busy.

“Seniors slip and slide coating for dummies”

Mom used to put Mop and Glo on our vinyl floors when I was a kid. Of course, back then with the agility of a cat, we never noticed it. Since I’m grown up now, and wanted shiny floors, I decided to use it. Those floors really looked great. So yes, you can see where this is headed in my 71-year-old brain. Two coats would look superb!

Time to get to it. With tools in hand, we begin to work our way under the desk. Pulling and tugging I removed the paper shredder, the small office trash can, a guitar amplifier, computer number 2, and two battery backup units. During this time, it dawned on me, that I was wearing my sweatpants, sweat shirt, and a nice comfy pair of soft cotton socks.

Mop and Glo and wearing all soft clothing

That, is about the time, I realized that two coats of Mop and Glo and wearing all soft clothing, was going to be an adventure. There were a couple of moments, when I wasn’t sure if I was sliding due to the beautifully shiny floor, or something under the desk was pulling me there, to be a sacrifice. My hands were fine, but if I needed to use knees or elbows to support or brace, I looked like a gymnast doing splits. Think of a Giraffe, walking on a frozen lake.

Long story short, I survived, the mutant spaghetti wire monster was defeated. I also found some things I’d been looking for that had been missing for several months.

It turns out, the flickering light was caused by a bad breaker in the power box, in another room. Right.

Wire monster slain, all is once again at peace in the Kingdom.