Captain Jack “Sparrow” : Bird rescue

Several have exhibited an interest in seeing more on recent rescues. This rescue, actually two at the same time, occurred about 8 months ago.

Some time back, I don’t remember the date. Someone brought 3 baby birds to us that they found on the ground. They were unable to fly and would be easy prey for all the cats in the area. They had also fallen into red ants. Each one had a large amount of ant bites. Michelle cleaned and fed them. One was terribly weak and he eventually succumbed to the ant venom. The two stronger ones grew older and stronger, and they were released.

Jack Sparrow

Our daughter found a featherless baby that had apparently been pushed out of the nest on her porch. It was totally covered in mites and weak. It was so young that it was just skin and a beak. Michelle used Dawn dish-washing liquid (diluted) to remove the mites and clean it’s skin. We figured the mother pushed it out due to it’s mites and it was getting weak. There had been 3 in the next. The other two reached the point of leaving on their own.

In this first video, you see the two larger birds that were bitten by the ants being fed by Michelle during their recovery. If you listen, you hear her call the smallest bird “Jack.” She named the small one Captain Jack Sparrow because he was so vocal. By this time he is up and moving well and has grown some feathers.


This is of Jack as he had gotten older. The best ID we have gotten is a “Song Sparrow”. He sings beautifully. We let him out once a day at least, so he can fly around the room. Once he’s done, he returns to his cage.

Sorry if the videos didn’t work at first. I think I have them corrected now. I had accidentally hit publish, instead of preview. Consequently I also have some spelling errors that I am fixing. -Thanks.


24 thoughts on “Captain Jack “Sparrow” : Bird rescue

  1. Wonderful antidote to all the bad news around. Very funny when she says to the bird, “make up your mind.”

  2. So do you still have them? How do you know how to care for them?

  3. I love those who look out for, and care for, animals in need. Stories like this make me feel better about the world.

    1. Thank you very much Anne. Sometime in the future, I will occasionally post about some others and include pictures. She rescued a Hawk, A baby deer that we nursed back to health and released within 3 days. He returned for weeks and would head-butt the door to the shop wanting back in. I guess he liked the treatment. Thanks for the comment and like tonight.

  4. How precious! Love these videos! I’ve never seen baby birds other than on film and in photos. Must be really amazing. All we ever get up here on the 14th floor are the darn pigeons!

  5. Good of you to help these animals in distress. The birds looked cute in the clips, and probably think of you as their parents now!

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I know Jack does. He was so fragile, it took a while to get his health up after being so sick. The others were bigger birds, when we let the go outside, they didn’t look back. We fed them bugs and seed the last days to prepare them.

  6. OhMyGosh, this makes my heart so happy! Thank you so much, Michelle! Loved the videos. Thanks to you too, Ron!

  7. Ohhh How adorable.  You guys are the best.  Helping those little birdies or they would have died.  Wow.  I’m so proud of you two.

  8. Ron,

    Love what Michelle and you do. See with what love she cares for those little birds and they open their mouths so trustfully. I love your stories and especially those that have happy endings.


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