US Flag, displayed upside down in the Trailerhood.

It has been quiet here in the park for a while now. Yesterday, I was shocked to notice the American Flag that has flown at a trailer near us, being flown upside down. I find this disconcerting because I really don’t know the people, and this could be an innocent display of support of our country besieged by the virus crisis. I still don’t like the flag flown upside down for anything but a dire emergency on the part of the owner of the flag. There isn’t any no room in my heart, for those that use it for political statements.

I searched online for a current reason, and found nothing other than older information that some persons that don’t agree with President Trump, and think he is a threat, fly it upside down in protest. Then even more disturbing, I find that the KKK and other subversive groups fly it upside down. I guess I have been living under a rock for a while.

According to legal rulings

Not all of us living here are redneck idiots, salivating for the next drunken weekend bonfire. This really others me, like a stone in my shoe. My first instinct, was perhaps they were in trouble. Being a former cop, my “Spidey Sense” went off the scale when I spotted it. The flag, since its appearance at the unit in the last month, has always flown right side up. According to legal rulings, they can fly it that way as an expression. So you can no longer assume that the owner needs immediate assistance

Some people are just, pitiful.

Mom always told us, not to borrow trouble. However, I can’t help but wonder, is this an over zealous political person/activist? Or a radical that hates everything, and is a hair trigger away from going postal in the park. Some people are just, pitiful. Doing my best to ignore it, and respect their rights, but it really galls me each time I go out back for something and see it. My father served in WWII, my older brother served three tours in Vietnam, and my brother and I spent a combined 50 years in police work.

How would you handle it. Ask them if you run into them? Or just leave them alone. Me? I have no use for them. It’s just wrong to use a symbol that so many have died protecting, as an expression of dislike. </rant off>

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It doesn’t get any uglier. (Racism in the Trailerhood)

We thought we had heard it all. From dumping septic tank contents on another person’s property, to bounties for killing loose animals, or trying to evict tenants based on religion.

Today Michelle noticed a suspicious vehicle driving slowly through the park. As we say in the South, he looked Thuggish, complete with a “Do Rag”. She then went to check the mail. “Popeye” (name given to our female maintenance person, was cutting grass at the boxes). The mail boxes are located at the front of the park. Visible from my office window. Popeye asked Michelle If she had noticed the dark gold vehicle driving around the park. Michelle said she had, and told Popeye she didn’t think any African Americans lived in the park. Popeye says, “Oh, you’re one of those“, and made a face. Michelle said, “No, but I was trying to be politically correct and polite”.

Popeye bluntly said, “Well I’m not, We don’t want any (insert the plural N word here) in the park. Michelle asked, “What does M (the owner/manager) say about that”. “Honey” says Popeye, “M’s” more racist than I am”.

Popeye talking to the Boss “M”

After that exchange, we may be labeled as politically correct non-racists, and perhaps undesirable. I’m going to start wearing a hidden body cam, so I can have actual video/audio of the craziness that dwells here. I can’t prove his stance having not heard it from him first hand, but she is an agent of the park since she is in his employ, We can take her assessment of him as authority to represent him. For more irony, Popeye rooms with the sweet elderly lady that holds Bible study sessions on the porch on Wednesday evenings.

It would appear, that racism is alive and well in this Redneck Trailerhood. I would like to be able to say that I am shocked, but I can’t. I’ll just continue my self-imposed hibernation from the virus.
“It’s Springtime. Speak to me, not of death, but renewal of life”– Ron

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Laughing at the responses to “Imminent Danger”

This is not meant to be an end of the world post, or total doom and gloom. I’m just putting this out there. More of a tongue in cheek look at the panic and irrational reactions done by regular (or are they) people, and at times, those in charge.

If you step back and look, you can spot where the last dime is being milked before they are forced to comply with suggestions to curb social interactions, and slow the spread of the current Covid-9 virus. Take for example. Alabama decides to appear to be doing something useful to slow the spread. What? Closed the beach parking areas in the tourist areas of the popular Gulf coast area. You know, “If they can’t park, they won’t go to the beach”. However, so as not to lose too much money, let’s leave the beaches open to the public a while longer, just close the parking lots..

Worked great, for about 30 seconds.

Let there be drink!

“Fear not the evil sickness among us, for we must not let our citizens, be of thirst” Book of Alabama :Chapter 20 Verse 20 (Year of the COVID-19).

Keeping the Coffers full, requires selling Alcohol to the citizens. You make tax revenue from sales, plus you arrest them for drunk driving which generates revenue, then you turn around and provide treatment for the alcoholics, with the tax money. I never have wrapped my head around the economics of that plan.

8:25pm They passed an “Emergency Order”, how thoughtful.

Curbside alcohol sales: The ABC Board has passed an emergency order to allow for the curbside sales of alcoholic beverages at licensed locations in the state. Locations licensed to sell alcohol for on-premise and/or off-premise consumption will be able to sell at the curbside for pick-up or takeout. Shoppers are limited to one 750 ml bottle of spirits; one 750 ml bottle of wine; or a six pack of beer. All products must be sold in sealed, unopened containers.

One Hot dog Bun, too much to wish for?

Ever had your taste set for a flavor, to the point you’re nearly salivating on your shirt? Last night, I had a craving for a nice Polish Kielbasa sausage. The kind that is juicy, pops when you bite into it. Choice of condiments, and Sauerkraut sprinkled on it. In a nice warm bun. I went to three stores within a mile of our house knowing there would be few people shopping here in the rural area. No bread. Nothing left but dinner rolls, and sourdough bread, but that just sounded nasty with a beautifully grilled Kielbasa. I nearly cried. I stood there, gazing at the bare shelves, except for the dinner rolls by themselves on a table to the left of me. It seemed hopeless, how can the world survive with no buns for Kielbasa. Then while in the third store the phone call came, I actually felt lightheaded. Michelle had found 2 fresh hotdog buns in the bread box!

Time to play it cool

I was probably the only idiot with a spring in my step and a can of sauerkraut in my hand, smiling like I’d won the lottery while the young clerk rang up my purchase. Then it was time to play it cool, checking out with a can of sauerkraut and a smile on your face in these parts, means you have hotdogs, or something better! I imagined the clerk quickly dialing the phone at her register, whispering to her redneck boyfriend, that an old guy just bought a can of kraut, so he must have hotdog buns! Maybe even toilet paper!

I made it the half mile back to the Trailerhood without incident, then turned the large dogs out, just in case I was followed.

Any of you having adventures finding bread or TP?

You can feel the tension, even in The Trailerhood.

The coronavirus is the talk of the news, and everyone is on edge in some areas. Down the road a couple of miles, there was an argument Saturday that resulted in a standoff with an armed individual. It was resolved without injury. Today, someone called the County Sheriff to report the park manager. Seems they didn’t appreciate him “delineating” the edge of their lot, with car tires. Can’t say I blame them. Who wants old car tires lining the edge of their yard. I wonder how that turned out. I need to take a walk in the morning, and see if I can tell what they were fussing about.

Damn, that almost sounds like a country song

The chandelier has not reappeared so far in the front yard around the corner, maybe he’s saving it for a special occasion. There was a break in today just down the highway. Someone returned home, to find persons leaving with the family TV. Perhaps the burglars needed it, to swap for toilet paper? Anyway, if you live out this way, and see two white males in a brown Ford truck, with a brush-guard on the front, trying to swap for some “people paper” please report them. (damn, that almost sounds like a country song).

The last Trailerhood Bird Flu season.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at home unless I have to go somewhere. Not sure how much hype all this is, but I’m not prone to running across an open field during hunting season, just to see if I get my butt shot. Besides, I don’t need to upset this heart monitor they have on me. No telling what other tortures they would think up.

Take care, stay safe, wash your hands, hold your breath, avoid crowds (and open fields). Don’t shake hands, not that they haven’t washed them, but I hear there is a horrible shortage of toilet paper!

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