Fall (Poems by Ron)


Fall is in the air, and winter sends its  greetings, the air is fresh, clear and crisp, I see my breath take wing.

The birds are heading south again, the squirrels are working hard…
It’s the time of year I think of you, as I walk across the park.

Soon the sounds of caroling, will fill the air at night…
And lovers will walk and talk out here, and hold each other tight.

The holidays will make us smile, and bring hearts closer still…
And when the wind blows low and cold, our hearts won’t feel the chill.

Young eyes will sparkle from the lights, that dance upon the trees….
And we will walk, and talk, and love, and wish upon the leaves.

It’s time for things to sleep and wait, for spring to come again…
But to miss the winter of our love, would truly be a sin.

I will hold you through the cold, and love you till the spring…
And be here holding onto you, when the birds return to sing.

Ron Walker September 1998

12 thoughts on “Fall (Poems by Ron)

    1. Thank you, Ellie. That means a lot.

      We are having one of our strange transitions that occur in this part of the states. It can’t make up its mind, if it is Fall, Summer, or Winter. We had 71F two days ago. 61 Yesterday. Around Wednesdays last week, I think the high was 49F after a low of 26F. Today? Presently 55F this morning and rain. Last week when the low was 26F, we saw very light snow flurries falling for about 30 minutes. Crazy weather this year.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I really hope she does, forever and two days. That is from another poem. “How long will I love you? Forever is too defined, so I will add a day or two onto the end of time”

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