Fleeing Rednecks and crashing Contraptions. (Trailerhood)

I haven’t had anything to post about lately regarding the Trailerhood. That changed last week with a couple of incidents that were rather exciting.

Not sure what to call it, but the fence stopped it.

After finishing building my new computer, I was busy installing software. Hearing what sounded like a lawn mower running out front, turned out to be David’s girlfriend learning to drive his “Contraption”. That is the only description I can think of. It looks like he welded the frame of a bicycle onto a flat plate of steel, to which he installed two electric wheelchair wheels.

On the flat plate, he has a 10 HP gasoline engine that powers the rear wheels. A US flag on a long slender plastic stick. On the handlebars, a small black LED flashlight is attached with plastic zip ties.

She had just turned around and headed back towards my direction when I grabbed my phone and snapped the first shot from my office window. I thought it a great opportunity to share with you his Contraption. She had gained speed, as evidenced by her hair blowing back from her face. As I composed and fired the next shot, I realized the look on her face, and could hear “Oh Shit” being screamed over and over.

Notice her panic and hand open on the handlebar.

I should have kept taking pictures, but at that moment, she gained more speed and veered straight towards me. At about 20 feet away with legs kicking and repeating her expletive over and over, she veered to her right, barely missing the large railroad timbers used to protect the yard.

My money on her impact zone, was for the firewood pile. I would have lost the bet. By some miracle of panicked luck, she missed the woodpile, missed the Harley under the blue cover, and ran squarely through a 2.5 foot space into the fence (such as it is).

She wasn’t injured, and we extracted her and the “contraption” from between the woodpile and Harley. Odds were against her to start with. On a contraption with 10 hp, one front brake, that she didn’t even have her hand on (as seen in the picture). The throttle was a homemade one so you pulled the handle grip (right side) outward as if pulling it off, to accelerate.

Fleeing Rednecks

If that wasn’t enough fun, two nights later I walk into the office and glanced out the window due to a weird screeching noise. Passing by on the highway out front, was a pickup truck scrapping along on it’s frame with 2 police units close behind. They had used spike strips and blown out his front tires a long time ago. He made it about another 100 yards to the elementary school and pulled off the roadway. They apprehended him, and his truck exploded into flames.

Looks like things are looking up (or blowing up) around here. I’ll see all of you later, with hopefully new material. Until then, stay safe.

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19 thoughts on “Fleeing Rednecks and crashing Contraptions. (Trailerhood)

    1. Thanks, Kate. I’m not sure why my replies I make from the control panel, don’t make it into the post many times. I’m going to stop using that admin panel to reply.

      I’m glad that your area is peaceful for you. Your comment is appreciated, sorry it took so long to reply.

    1. You’re right. I should have more material soon. It seems love is in the air, along with pollen, noise, and more traffic on the road out front. Thanks for the comment.

  1. Those antics would be the headlines of the century in Beetley! I doubt he is going to find a mass-market for that mash-up of a cycle with an outboard motor, but I reckon you should register the name ‘The Contraption’ just in case he does. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Great idea, Pete. Henceforth, we shall call the homemade mode of transport, ‘The Contraption’
      Apologies once again for the late replies to some of you. I will start checking the actual posts from now on, instead of using the admin panel. Besides, I find that panel too impersonal.

  2. I can’t tell you how excited I was to read about the neighborhood again. I don’t know if that tells you too much about my life at the moment! Anyway, we have the motorcycles racing up our four block street again making as much noise as is possible in such a short stretch.

    1. We have the occasional sport-bike go screaming up the long flat stretch of highway out front. One of these nights, they will hit a deer.

      I’m glad you enjoy reading about the antics of the denizens of the trailerhood, Elizabeth. I enjoy sharing it when I can.

      1. Not that I wish more chaos for you, but I do enjoy it. I lived in redneck country for several years and feel I know your neighbors quite well.

          1. After reading Pete’s serial about the voyeuristic murderer I will try to keep my spying to a minimum lest I draw undue attention to myself!

    1. I just wish I’d had my camera ready when the flaming truck came by. That was truly an interesting sight. Thanks for the comment Linda.

      1. That is always the way Ron. I usually take my compact camera in my pocket every day, but the occasional time I run out of the house without it and I see something. You are welcome and likewise for your comment as well on my gosling post.

  3. That woman should be one screw away from crazy in my Lexicon but glad you shared so we know. I am not being condescending here- my husband thinks I take risks and so many unnecessary ones- I need to get him to read this so he knows too.

  4. Yikes! First was Ms. Speedy Gonzalez, then Mr. Dexter Dy-no-mite!! You may have quiet spells in between these hell-raisin’ moments, but you need all the rest you can get!!

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