Sunday, Life in the Trailerhood.

It’s eight am. All is quiet as a gentle breeze wafts the smell of burning dog sh–, I mean, poop, burning in a 55 gallon barrel from three units down. I can’t understand for the life of me, why she does that. Unless she has some twisted affinity for that sick smoky odor. Then I remember, this is the lady I met at the mail boxes once. If you missed that post, it’s a must-read.

Looking out the window of my office into the neighbors’ yard, I can see a yellow and white Cat apparently rummaging through the grass for insects. A stark contrast to the beautiful pink roses 10 feet away. Probably dropped off here by some heartless soul. The cat just meandered down the area between the fences of 4 units, so the area now sounds like a humane shelter on full alert.

Whiskey Girl

However, the day is sunny and beautiful and I have my office critters keeping me company. Reboot is in her box on the short file cabinet to my left. Whiskey Girl, my pet rat of 3 years, is lounging between the printer and wall on her stuffed toy. She goes to sleep there at times on the toy. Yes, she’s spoiled.

YouTube and Netflix, lord help me..

The self-quarantine continues, day after day. I think I have seen everything to see of value on Netflix. I’ve taken to watching YouTube, lord help me. Have a great Sunday, stay safe and be well. I’ll be here, “One step ahead of the Reaper”.

Okay, maybe it will be getting interesting around here soon. I just observed a Harley leaving out, driven by someone actually wearing “Colors” of some biker club. Then a small white car that sounded like a large bumblebee, riding on four of the orangest (is that a word?) wheels I have ever seen. Think four giant fluorescent orange life-savers on a vehicle as wheels.

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27 thoughts on “Sunday, Life in the Trailerhood.

    1. They probably just moved in recently. I’ve never seen them before, but they have been buzzing around all morning. I just saw him leave with what I assume would be his “Motorcycle-Mama” with him. I’ll have to come up with a name for that club. TH Outlaws perhaps?

  1. When did your rat become your pet ? Please don’t mind I am jus asking because I have not heard about anyone having one as a pet. Take care, Regards.

    1. I don’t mind at all Lakshmi. We originally picked two baby Dumbo Rats as a favor tforour son, who owned a snake. They came from a breeder. On the way home, we became attached to them and just couldn’t bare the thought of something so tiny being fed to a snake. So we brought them home. They are the one animal you don’t have to worry about biting you. I have never had one of them bite me. They clean themselves constantly, more so than my cat does. Stopping very often to clean and preen their fur and head. Whiskey’s litter mate had to be put to sleep about 6 months ago, she had a tumor in her abdomen.

      Whiskey gets to come in my office from her cage, and run around on the desktops. She has never tried to get down on the floor, but plays with the cat on the desk. When she gets tired, she goes to her stuffed toy, and goes to sleep for a bit. Most of the time, she comes when she is called, and takes a treat from my hand, climbs up on my shoulder for a while and watches things.

      Here is a video of her and the cat on the desk.

  2. I am horrified by you being able to identify that particular smell! Here the drag racing on our two block long street seems to have begun. My grandson is happy since he saw a McClaren (?) racing another expensive car in front of the house.

  3. Ron,
    You do have wonderful adventures and do full justice to putting them down for us to see the picture as you saw it. I thought the rat was a toy rat- I am sorry. But he does look cute.
    Take care.

  4. Eeeeek! Small furry animals upset me, what can I tell you. Unless they’re kittens. 😀 I can’t believe how your kitty & rat get along! What happened to Reboot’s instinct: “Ooh! Rat! Chase!!!” ?

      1. Not sure what “upder” means, but I sure had to fight with Autocorrect to write it just now! ? WAIT! I just figured it out! Under! Lolol sorry Ron, I’m so silly!

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