Almost the end of 2020. Will we make it?

I hope this post finds all of you on the recovery side of Christmas. It was a relatively quiet one for us, the kind I like where you’re not in a gathering of many people you don’t know or recognize. Too many time we celebrate Christmas, and the majority are friends of the kids, or cousins thrice removed that you only see once, when it’s time to feast.

This year, we didn’t have to follow that crowd since the mother-in-law passed (rest her soul). In the past, her side of the family who are involved in the drag-racing circuit, would host a Christmas feast, and we would have to take her. It was more of a redneck event. People getting too much Christmas spirit in a bottle. Ex-husbands bringing their new girlfriend, or whatever title everyone gave her. Who the HECK invites an ex to a family gathering, especially when they are not on good terms. Someone would feel sorry for Bubba Redneck, and invite him. One year, they had the bright idea of hosting the Christmas gathering at a local bar/lounge. We refused to go. Later we heard of the 70-year-old granny table dancing. Too much excitement for me.

Michelle and I sat and sipped hot chocolate, watched the fire in the fireplace. Earlier on Christmas Eve, we had gone to Steven’s home for some snacks. It was just 5 of us there, then two guests of Steven’s came by. Nice quiet gathering. No drunks, ex-whatevers, no cover charge!

We had the tradition of watching Lampoons “Christmas Vacation”. Everyone quoted lines along with Chevy Chase in the movie.

Here’s hoping, 2021 will be a smoother year. Bless you all, and happy blogging!

15 thoughts on “Almost the end of 2020. Will we make it?

  1. Glad to hear that you had a peaceful time in your new home, Ron. We ate out on the 25th, the last day that anything was open before our new lockdown began on the 26th. It’s supposed to last until Easter, so the next few months will be very quiet for us indeed.
    My best wishes to you both for a happier year in 2021.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday! Wishing you, Michelle and your family a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!
    I do have one question. Why wasn’t the fish decorated? 😀

  3. That little photo of the two of you is precious. You have been through so much this past year and it is wonderful to see the peace and love captured in that snapshot.

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy a peaceful Christmas! We did too! Nice to end this year on a good note, aftrr the crazy ride it has been! Wishing you all the best for 2021!

  5. Er… the 70-year-old granny dancing on the table would NOT be me! Lol!
    Your Xmas sounds like it was quietly very enjoyable. Nice! On this side o’ the border, we’re decidedly boring and low-key, even more than you guys. Our only contacts with others (besides the supermarket, say) is on phone or texting or video-messaging. We’re sooooo paranoid about getting Covid. We do watch virtual concerts put on by our folkie/country-music loving pals, and in fact we’re gonna watch an open-mic night with everybody on Zoom, starting at 10 tonight, with countdown and all ’til midnight!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Ron & Michelle!! ???

  6. Low key and enjoying the fire in the fireplace of your new home sounds cozy and something that I would like as well Ron. Since I have no family, low-key and quiet is always the order of the day, except while I write this comment, there are fireworks all around the neighborhood that likely will continue to well after midnight. At least celebrate the NEW year – who wants to shoot off fireworks for 2020? All the best to you and Michelle in 2021.

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