Found some old news about the classic block.

This was done back in 2020, but it may help, or help explain to those wishing to try to mimic the old classic editor. Check out this link.

Hopefully it will help those that want to continue with the classic editor. I have about resigned myself to the Gutenbug (pun intended) block editor. I find navigating it not nearly as challenging as in the early adoption of it. However, I am still vexed by the constant shifting of blocks, and having to hunt them down when they should by all logic, be at the ready if I used them last. Maybe it’s a cookie setting, but I’ve had no problems of that sort a few updates ago.

Take a look at the post, it may be outdated by now, we all know how fast they change plans and minds. Let me know if it helped you at all, or if you found it is dated already.

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5 thoughts on “Found some old news about the classic block.

    1. Just as you stated in your post from the link. “So I suppose I can do it, but it is definitely not as intuitive as the old Classic Editor.” I find the same thing. It is not intuitive at all. The only way to cope with it, is to set the way you want the tools and appearance of the block editor. Then even that is not guaranteed to remain that way permanently. During their experimentation, I have had to reset my tools back a couple of times.

      It is inexcusable for them to still be moving things around at this point. Adding new things yes, but changing the basic functionality is a no no in webpage design coding, and this is what they want it to be now, a webpage designer.

      It’s doubly hard to make a video, or text tutorial when they are constantly changing layouts and methods of use. I’m going to try again, to make a better video tutorial on the present condition of it, and how to use the basic functions. Or if you prefer a text. I’m just more of a visual type person, even though I’m not that great at making fancy videos.

  1. What baffles me is that when I go to Preview my posts the process is different each time. Sometimes I can go to open it via the ‘Visit Site’ option top right of the Previw screen – which doesn’t actually look like the web page will anyway. (This won’t ever open first time around and you have to go back and try again.) Then, sometimes when I clicked on Preview it would open an options box asking if I wanted to view it in various formats or open in a new screen.
    For a while it would toggle between these options – even with the same draft post in the same session. now it seems to have reverted to the original method, at least in my version.
    I wish they’d make their minds up.
    What doesn’t help is that whenever I go to the support pages, the method they describe often refers to a previous version.

  2. That has baffled me from day one when I started using WP. The editor is always vastly different from the finished product. In the editor the text is in narrower columns. The old way of previewing at least saved a couple of clicks and confusion for new users. You clicked the preview, and it opened another tab with the actual way it would look. Now you have to click preview, select if you want to see how it will look on a phone, tablet, or computer. Ahem, if I want to see how it’s going to look on one of those devices, I certainly won’t trust the editor’s rendition of anything other than a normal webpage. I will open it on my own device. Which means I have to do the editing on the device which is no fun at all.

    Yes, as I mentioned above, they tinker with the thing (editor) so much that it is nearly impossible to provide usage tips, text or visual.

    Hopefully the classic block will give some people an easier posting experience while learning the block editor itself.

    The main things, is to set your editor up so you can always find what “you” want and get used to where things are at, then hope they don’t mess with it and force you to redo it. Not that it’s hard. I will try to do a tutorial video soon on the very basics of how I have mine set up.

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