Release the Monkeys! Quarantine lifted (Trailerhood Style)

Like flinging open the gates of Hell

Hello everyone, great to be here with you on this sunny morning in the South. As many other states have done, Alabama relaxed the restrictions for the Pandemic. The world has come alive! At least in our little world of the trailerhood and areas within a 20-mile radius. Not to be outdone, people started their own self-release a few days early. As you remember from the other day, I posted on the low-speed pursuit with the flaming truck that passed out front. This weekend we’ve had two calls to the trailerhood, loud music and a disagreement of some type at two different locations. Loud trucks, motorcycles, music. It was like flinging open the gates of Hell.

Just down the road yesterday, someone called reporting her husband was destroying her things. Then in the same direction, the county police were answering a call, when a federal fugitive they were sent to locate ran into the woods. That was within a half mile of our place.

The Best Politicians Money can Buy

Alabama’s Capitol, Montgomery. Located a mere 20 miles from here, had 8 victims shot in 7 separate incidents in 7 different locations in the city. One victim was a juvenile. All black on black crime, drug and gang related. One white guy decided since they were arresting him on an outstanding warrant, he would take one last joy ride in their vehicle. He was caught across town an hour later.

Why in the world, would they open the state when the cases have risen 110% since May 5th. Montgomery has one intensive care bed left as of yesterday, in the whole city. I can tell you why. Money. Plain and simple. This is Memorial Day weekend, and the beaches are normally full, along with the bars, parks and neighborhoods. A three-day weekend party. The Governor had planned to remain closed till the end of May. However, 100 business owners out of a population of over 205,000, protested in front of the state house. She changed her mind.

Now, I’ll sit back here in the Man Cave, sip some diet coke, and watch the little white car, with bright fluorescent orange wheels probably the emergency type tire/wheels painted (which is what I think they are), zip in and out of the trailerhood. The exhaust sounds like a recording of a long fart, being played through a long pvc pipe. No, don’t even ask.

So, how are your released areas doing?

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23 thoughts on “Release the Monkeys! Quarantine lifted (Trailerhood Style)

      1. I know. I’ve been keeping silent because I just don’t know what’s going on. Last week I saw an article that said the experts’ new thinking is that it doesn’t spread through touching stuff. This is after I spent 2 months wiping down everything brought into the house! There are those who say “culling of the herd.” That’s a sad commentary on life as the virus is so random with it’s victims.

        1. I can’t for the life of me, figure out what they are trying to do. Someone’s not telling the truth. Unless the virus dies instantly on leaving the body, then it can be transmitted via surface for at least a few seconds. That’s called non-transmissable. They must think we’re all idiots. It’s jumping from person to person fast some way.

          Yes, that is a very dark statement about culling.

          If it doesn’t travel far, and surfaces aren’t involved, then how are people that haven’t left their homes infected. Unless it’s from persons brining supplies to them. Or, heaven forbid, it’s in our water supplies.

    1. Ann, I am just waiting for the day that we can get back out safely and eat at the small diner in town. It’s so friendly and the food is out of this world. Cheap too! I’m glad that you had a nice outing.

    1. No argument there. We have so many here, that are just back to normal. No masks, no distancing, cases for our county are up by 32% from last week. One thing about the South, if alcohol will kill it from the inside, then we are going to be covid free after Memorial Day celebrations. If not, we’re in deep sewage.

      1. I have been wondering about the effect of the Republican convention in August. Large yelling crowds indoors without masks. Agh.

    1. I’m with you, Janis. Michelle and I are staying close to home and continuing as we have, until we see the numbers start down. Mama, didn’t raise an idiot.

  1. Good grief, I’m worn out just reading about your shenanigans down there. By “your” of course I don’t mean your, Ron’s, but your state’s. Know what I always find funny/odd? The way the whole Memorial Day weekend is seen in the US as an occasion to party. Here we have just one day, November 11th, Remembrance Day, and it’s very somber. Also June 6, D-Day, when Canada lost so many men. :’-( But I guess this year it’s like everyone just got out of quarantine jail, sort of, so I get it. Except – the crime? Ay yi yi. Makes me wanna stay holed up here, and have another piece of blueberry pie. 😀

    1. I agree, Ellie. It should be a respectful holiday, not one to get drunk at wild parties out on the lake or in the woods. Down here, they tend to use any excuse, for a party time.

  2. We have seen the expected crowds hit the beaches in Britain. But in many areas, social distancing is being maintained. The unusually warm weather didn’t help discourage people from taking trips unfortunately, and today is a public holiday, so sure to be very busy at some resorts. I just wish I could win the lottery, so I could send you the money to get out of that place, Ron.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. You wouldn’t know there had been a pandemic, Pete. Normal as the day is long around here. I’m playing it safe till I know a little more.

      It’s okay, Pete. Fate seems to have handed this to me, and I just need to make some lemonade from it. Keeping one step ahead of the Reaper, a wonderful wife with me, and I’m not living under a bridge somewhere. Something may change, you never know. We have a soft rain this morning, and I am enjoying time online with all of you.

      Stay safe

  3. You almost make me misty eyed Ron. I lived for 25 years in a single wide mobile home in southeastern Ohio. Though I lived on my own land by myself. There was a trailer park half mile away.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Larry. Michelle and I lived out in the country on our own land, for about 8 years. We had 7 acres with horses. I miss it.

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