Trailer Park Insanity

It’s Saturday Feb 18th, it’s not a holiday of any type but there are fireworks going off just down the street. Max our German Shepard for all his bluster and ferociousness freaks out when he hears fireworks.

I had to wonder why they would decide to fire them off out of season, but then the bigger question popped in my head of where were they getting them. No stores open selling them that I know of as it is a seasonal thing. Maybe they were cleaning from a party last night and discovered them under the couch or bed, left over from July 4th or Christmas or whatever they decide is an appropriate day to scare the bejesus out of everyone.

Maybe they are re-enacting some twisted dream

It could be the unit down the street where the Confederate Flag flies. I never have been able to wrap my head around the reasoning of Flying that flag in the yard much less your vehicle. Maybe they are re-enacting some dream of the South rising again brought on my too many cans of liquid spirit, or Captain Budweiser as we like to say. Either way we close an otherwise quiet Saturday with a bang. At least they aren’t partying loud and should run out of the newly discovered pyrotechnics shortly.

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3 thoughts on “Trailer Park Insanity

  1. When we traveled with our dog Max( part Shepherd),he had the same problem on the July weekend.There are many places we found that sell fireworks.Maybe only opened for holidays times.

    In regard to flag,some people may like living in the past.

    An enjoyable read.

    Never go to Facebook.

    Thanks Ron.

  2. Wasn’t February 18 the night they drove old dixie down? I’m sure that would bring about revelry. As for the flag, maybe they’re history buffs….

  3. We have a ton of these down here Matka (flags). I’m proud of my southern heritage Matka, but I’d rather see the US Flag unless they are doing a re-enactment of the Civil War. Thanks for the comment Matka.

    I’ve heard that song lightfootfan. Not in a while but have heard it.

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