Tuesday Evening Multi-Workout

I had a lazy day today, nothing unexpected popped up or happened. The entire day was an exercise of just cruising along doing my own thing. Working on the Blog trying to get everything where it will load quickly. All was great till this evening, and the exercise that I didn’t do today came all at once.

6:45PM and I’m settling back in to the desk here in the office about to read some Blogs, and do some posting on my forum. There comes a blood curdling scream from an animal outside and Max and Midnight, our two German Shepherds that had been relaxing on the floor near my office chair, jumped up and bolted for the other room looking for the hurt animal that they could still hear screeching.

I had just heard a car drive down the gravel street and my first thought was “Otis” might have been hit, one of those Wire-haired, short-legged, mixed breed terriers that has the hair almost covering his eyes and he looks to be 90 if he’s a day. He’s always in the road.

White Boy Wobble

Agility work out
I’m trying to get out the door of the office with the two dogs going nuts in and out of the doorway so I”m doing the agility test thing grabbing for walls, door jambs, anything that is at the moment steadier than I am. I probably got a B for not falling among the stampeding dogs.

Dexterity Drill
I can picture the crumpled body I may find if I ever make it out of the house. When you’re in a hurry doorknobs never operate smoothly. Then you have the chain that caught the door as I managed to get the knob to operate and snatched it open. More fumbling. I think I got an F for dexterity.

Obstacle Challenge
We now moved to the obstacle part of the unplanned evening exercise. Down the steps and around the end of the fence, well almost completely around it. The dark green trash bin was where the collectors had left it in the shadows of the vine-covered fence. It  caught me a glancing blow and I continued my advance down the street looking like a clown with arms flailing  Then there was the tree branch… I trip across a branch in the dark and do the “White Boy Wobble”. Not the redneck version of the White Boy Wiggle, but my very own special version as I try to stay upright.

I finally reach the house where Otis lives about 100 feet away and have seen no small body in the road. I ask his owner if Otis is okay and find out that a cat across the street had attacked Otis out in the street causing him to scream as if he was being killed.

So there you have it, my daily exercise all rolled into about 1 minute, from a dead stop to completion. I think I’ll just sit here and pass out now.

How was your Tuesday

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Evening Multi-Workout

  1. What excitement you have in your life.

    You sure got your exercise today.

    Glad Otis & cat are okay.

    Have a restful night.

    Look forward to your writing.

  2. I came for a visit after seeing your comment on Kate’s blog. Nice to meet you! Glad the Cat’s fine, Otis is okay, and that you are okay. I am going to spend a bit of time browsing here later this morning after reading blogs and doing comments! i enjoyed my visit.

    1. Thanks so much for the nice words. You’ll find a bit of everything here. I am visiting yours also. I noticed you like Cats as I do. Have a super day.
      It’s very nice to meet you too!

  3. Love reading your blog and am going to do so, slowly and steadily.Glad Otis and the cat are doing well. I would not have enjoyed the story so much had it been otherwise. I am also glad you have such a kind heart that you went to investigate what disturbed the animal world.

  4. Michelle and I both love animals. She is a certified Rescue, we have had all kinds of rescue animals in our life. I enjoyed writing that. It was a weird night and everything happened to be weird and funny at the same time. Thank you for the nice comment.

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