Racism is still a prevalent Disease.

Some Trailer Parks can really attract the dregs of humanity. Some Parks are bastions of decency, As fate would have it I would wind up living in one that is both. There are at least 3-4 Confederate Flags scattered around the park. None of the owners of them look old enough to have served in the Confederate Army, but who am I to judge.

Someone our daughter knows was looking for something small and cheap for a short time. He is ex-military and a really decent guy. I tried to squash the idea of telling him about the small trailer in the back row but no one would listen to a wise ex-cop.

This week he told us that he had dropped by to check on the place recently as it needs fixing up before he can move in, but he wanted a project to occupy him having recently
filed for divorce. He related that he was out in the yard checking things around it and the neighbors, who have not been here more than a month themselves, came over and introduced themselves. They told him they hoped he was not a loud person and didn’t have loud music  as they are quiet people. They also hoped he didn’t allow Negros (they used the N word) to visit him. He was dumb struck.

It’s more a sickness of the soul

Now this comes from people living in a pull along travel trailer with two kids, they don’t even have a tag on their vehicle, something I thought was rather odd first time I saw them as I took one of my daily walks. I can’t for the life of me understand how people can be raised with such dislike for their fellow man based on skin color. It’s more a sickness of the soul, almost something black and evil inside them. You just never know about people, They must be stuck in the early 1960’s. However it may make for some interesting Blog News for us if it gets heated, because this guy moving in has several African American friends. It is hard to fathom how in the 21st century we still have people that think like this. Scariest part? To some it is a lifestyle along with flying the Flag of a by-gone cause and toasting to “The South shall rise again!” as they weave around the bonfire under the influence of their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Let’s hope the fireworks aren’t too big when the new guy has company.

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5 thoughts on “Racism is still a prevalent Disease.

  1. As Scott Bakula used to say in Quantum Leap ,” Oh boy…”
    You’ll find ‘those’ people everywhere.

    1. They don’t realize what they are missing by being so closed minded. It is just amazing in this day and time to still see it so strong in some.
      Thanks for the comment

    1. The gang is around. They had a spat with the father that lives on the front a week ago and I think he is sitting in jail. He’s the guy with the rebel flag near me, of course his spawn has a rebel flag in their yard, and a “don’t tread on me” flag below that. I’ve never seen so many redneck rebels in one place.
      Thanks for the comment, and check out any posts about the troll.

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