Tuesday Evening Multi-Workout

I had a lazy day today, nothing unexpected popped up or happened. The entire day was an exercise of just cruising along doing my own thing. Working on the Blog trying to get everything where it will load quickly. All was great till this evening, and the exercise that I didn’t do today came all at once.

6:45PM and I’m settling back in to the desk here in the office about to read some Blogs, and do some posting on my forum. There comes a blood curdling scream from an animal outside and Max and Midnight, our two German Shepherds that had been relaxing on the floor near my office chair, jumped up and bolted for the other room looking for the hurt animal that they could still hear screeching.

I had just heard a car drive down the gravel street and my first thought was “Otis” might have been hit, one of those Wire-haired, short-legged, mixed breed terriers that has the hair almost covering his eyes and he looks to be 90 if he’s a day. He’s always in the road.

White Boy Wobble

Agility work out
I’m trying to get out the door of the office with the two dogs going nuts in and out of the doorway so I”m doing the agility test thing grabbing for walls, door jambs, anything that is at the moment steadier than I am. I probably got a B for not falling among the stampeding dogs.

Dexterity Drill
I can picture the crumpled body I may find if I ever make it out of the house. When you’re in a hurry doorknobs never operate smoothly. Then you have the chain that caught the door as I managed to get the knob to operate and snatched it open. More fumbling. I think I got an F for dexterity.

Obstacle Challenge
We now moved to the obstacle part of the unplanned evening exercise. Down the steps and around the end of the fence, well almost completely around it. The dark green trash bin was where the collectors had left it in the shadows of the vine-covered fence. It  caught me a glancing blow and I continued my advance down the street looking like a clown with arms flailing  Then there was the tree branch… I trip across a branch in the dark and do the “White Boy Wobble”. Not the redneck version of the White Boy Wiggle, but my very own special version as I try to stay upright.

I finally reach the house where Otis lives about 100 feet away and have seen no small body in the road. I ask his owner if Otis is okay and find out that a cat across the street had attacked Otis out in the street causing him to scream as if he was being killed.

So there you have it, my daily exercise all rolled into about 1 minute, from a dead stop to completion. I think I’ll just sit here and pass out now.

How was your Tuesday

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Racism is still a prevalent Disease.

Some Trailer Parks can really attract the dregs of humanity. Some Parks are bastions of decency, As fate would have it I would wind up living in one that is both. There are at least 3-4 Confederate Flags scattered around the park. None of the owners of them look old enough to have served in the Confederate Army, but who am I to judge.

Someone our daughter knows was looking for something small and cheap for a short time. He is ex-military and a really decent guy. I tried to squash the idea of telling him about the small trailer in the back row but no one would listen to a wise ex-cop.

This week he told us that he had dropped by to check on the place recently as it needs fixing up before he can move in, but he wanted a project to occupy him having recently
filed for divorce. He related that he was out in the yard checking things around it and the neighbors, who have not been here more than a month themselves, came over and introduced themselves. They told him they hoped he was not a loud person and didn’t have loud music  as they are quiet people. They also hoped he didn’t allow Negros (they used the N word) to visit him. He was dumb struck.

It’s more a sickness of the soul

Now this comes from people living in a pull along travel trailer with two kids, they don’t even have a tag on their vehicle, something I thought was rather odd first time I saw them as I took one of my daily walks. I can’t for the life of me understand how people can be raised with such dislike for their fellow man based on skin color. It’s more a sickness of the soul, almost something black and evil inside them. You just never know about people, They must be stuck in the early 1960’s. However it may make for some interesting Blog News for us if it gets heated, because this guy moving in has several African American friends. It is hard to fathom how in the 21st century we still have people that think like this. Scariest part? To some it is a lifestyle along with flying the Flag of a by-gone cause and toasting to “The South shall rise again!” as they weave around the bonfire under the influence of their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Let’s hope the fireworks aren’t too big when the new guy has company.

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Trailer Park Insanity

It’s Saturday Feb 18th, it’s not a holiday of any type but there are fireworks going off just down the street. Max our German Shepard for all his bluster and ferociousness freaks out when he hears fireworks.

I had to wonder why they would decide to fire them off out of season, but then the bigger question popped in my head of where were they getting them. No stores open selling them that I know of as it is a seasonal thing. Maybe they were cleaning from a party last night and discovered them under the couch or bed, left over from July 4th or Christmas or whatever they decide is an appropriate day to scare the bejesus out of everyone.

Maybe they are re-enacting some twisted dream

It could be the unit down the street where the Confederate Flag flies. I never have been able to wrap my head around the reasoning of Flying that flag in the yard much less your vehicle. Maybe they are re-enacting some dream of the South rising again brought on my too many cans of liquid spirit, or Captain Budweiser as we like to say. Either way we close an otherwise quiet Saturday with a bang. At least they aren’t partying loud and should run out of the newly discovered pyrotechnics shortly.

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Freaky Friday in the Trailer Park

Well, last week was quiet as days in a Trailer Park go, ever since the owner kicked a few people out it has been sort of quiet. That changed early today with the County Sheriff Deputies rolling quickly into the park. There were two cars and apparently they had a warrant for someone but did not find them.

A few moments ago an Ambulance was called to that same address for difficulty breathing. There is hardly ever any quiet nights on the weekend, but that is what Trailer Park Life is. A hodge podge of people living near one another with multiple personalities to contend with. The ones down the road that had the knife fight in the front yard were evicted and run off by the owner of the Park.

I’m just glad we have good neighbors around us. This is my first ever experience living in a Park other than a short stint when I was a young Police Officer and roomed with another Officer, and it will be my last. I guess it’s time for me to do some more video editing while the house is quiet and nothing going on.

Tomorrow may be an interesting day.